Andrew Tate program: How much the real world cost

The online program, the real world of Andrew Tate, guides people through real life professors. Launching this program aims to help people make money online and live a fulfilled life.

The best thing about the real world is that it gives a chance to people to join a community of like minded individuals. This program by teaches multiple ways to make money online through various courses like freelancing, copywriting, e commerce, etc.

If you want to join this program, you should know about the price details of this program first.

Who is Andrew Tate

Cobra tate, or Emory Andrew Tate, is British, an American former kickboxer by his profession. Now, he is known as a podcaster and social media influencer. Andrew grew up in his life with his brother. They belong to humble backgrounds and grew up in a council estate in Luton.

He started the webcam studio business with his brother in two bed flat and earned a million from this business through several sites. It is the business of logging in to men at an online platform to start chatting with women.

For this, he is called to be a scam. But the thing is that the tate does not feel guilty or regretful about his this business. He also got banned on social media due to this.

Andrew Tate, after getting banned.

After getting banned from social media, Andrew Tate spent many years as a content creator and entrepreneur. He provides the course to members to become more successful.

life offers modern wealth creation to people to live a fulfilled life. This program was earlier a hustler university and later took the form of “ The Real world” with a huge of cryptocurrency trading courses.

Pricing details of the real world

If you already have a subscription to hustler university, you get free access to the Real world as long your subscription is kept active. If you are newly registered in the real world, you have to pay $49 per month.


The real world program by gained a lot of attention from people even before its launch. And after the launch, the results are achieved. Students quickly made access to the real world program by getting a subscription.

The best thing about the real world program is that it comes with the best campus approach that helps you to make money online. This is why people in huge quantities buy the subscription earliest to the real world, to become the money maker.