From Towards Atman

Montreal Theosophy Project: The Three Stages of Christian Mysticism
Genuine magic can be characterized as a traditional or insightful figuring out, interestingly, with its deteriorated and much manhandled use today, of any free association with the mysterious. I don’t intend to say that regions inside agnosticism are totally absent any and all heavenly christian mysticism mindfulness. A remarkable opposite, since I feel that man’s closeness to the earth, carries him nearer to the wellspring of his life, giving his custom methodology doesn’t muffle his regular natural detects, where all reflective tendencies are lost. I consider the Native American who through custom, had a sharp feeling of the heavenly otherworldliness in every single living thing, including himself.

To have this effect of genuine supernatural quality more unequivocal, one could propose a fairly clear correlation, say between the Christian spiritualist St John of the cross and the contemporary figure of
‘Spiritualist Meg’! Or on the other hand black magic, Druid imagery interestingly, with the edified personalities of J Krishnamurti or shri Ramana Maharshi. Assuming we draw on the experiences of Vedanta/Advaita/upanishads or even the numerous mysterious expressions of Jesus, we may ultimately show up at the understanding,in information and in experiential terms, that only a certain something, or rather no thing, really ‘is’ or ‘exists’. (ie. one existential no-thing.) This revelation unquestionably rectifies the vision and would appear to flip around it, or in Lao Tzu terms, turn it the opposite way around, as Alan Watts would so definitively and precisely put it. Significant religions have been the support of otherworldly bits of insight however they have frequently battled against it in their own specific middle. The Sufis were abused and killed in history by standard Muslims and Christians did comparable things to their spiritualists. – A priest in the sixteenth century was executed for demanding that everything is one! Much as Jesus himself did, being executed for sacrilege. Jesus, not proclaiming another religious philosophy yet basically what he felt. As far as I might be concerned, by and by, Jesus is the epitome of genuine magic. His astronomical awareness empowers him to the title of inestimable empathiser.

Goodness! As numerous essayists have said, presently and previously, Christianity as a monotheistic religion has been a calamity, a traditional illustration of the imprudence of following the instructor and not the educating.
Minimal all the more should be said on this save to say that such profound insight and truth is accessible to the world, yet thoughtless fundamentalism actually rules, inverse high formal practices. The wreck justifies itself. I consider Jesus’ words, “you scan the sacred writings everyday for you assume you have life in them”.

Sacred writing is as much excessive admiration as some other kind when it becomes scriptural love. Monotheistic religions generally draw on divine amazing quality while disregarding characteristic. The invalidation of all excessive admiration, both substantial and immaterial, and unquestionably scriptural worshipful admiration should be risen above assuming that the brain is to be a light no matter what anyone else might think, so it could know about the different otherworldly ways
that lead us on to self and no-self enquiry, for it is there and just there, that the consecrated ground of all may be experienced. Alan Watts is right to say with his great book title,