If You Love to Read Books Join a Book Club

The first time I had heard of this type of club I was watching an Oprah show many years ago and at the time thought it was a great idea. As an avid reader the idea of discussing books with like minded people appealed to me. However, it would be years later that I actually helped for form one and have been enjoying books as well as discussing them for quite some time.

There are five of us who decided to form our own “not-so-serious” club. We simply meet once a month at a local restaurant (different one each month so good for the local economy), suggest books to read and each of us read the same one, then discuss at the next meeting (or whenever we all finish the said book). Simple, except we all lead very busy lives and although we do our best to meet regularly, reading the same book each month sometimes doesn’t happen.

“By the way ladies, I believe the in-depth discussion of the key character’s struggle with morality and her drive to satisfy her selfish desires reached a level of intellectual sophistication that we have not achieved prior. I’m so glad we take book club so seriously – thank you for helping my mind grow.”

The above quote is from one of the girls after a 수원룸싸롱 particular meeting where not one of us had read the same book. She wrote this on an email which our respective partner’s were privy to, so now they think we are really serious bookclubbers!

    Well as a not-so-serious one, we have read many books over the years, some of which I would never have read had I not been part of such a club. As well as discuss books we eat, drink and mostly laugh about things that are happening in our lives. There are times when discussions become serious if one of us is having a particularly bad week but we all find that sharing seems to lighten the burden and by the end of the night we’ve usually solved the problem, and most of the world’s big problems too.

    If you enjoy socialising, wish to broaden your mind, make new friends and really enjoy a good night out I highly recommend joining (or starting) a club such as ours. You will actually save money by sharing the books around and if going to restaurants is a little too rich for you, then rotate the meetings at each others homes.