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Probably one of the oldest and most widely used backsplash designs in every kitchen would be the subway tile backsplash. This design has been around since the 1900s, gaining wider popularity amongst Americans by the 1930s. Nowadays, this specific type of backsplash design is normally seen in homes that are trying to incorporate the country theme to their homes.

What exactly is the subway tile backsplash? Basically, brick backsplash this type of design is what you will normally see in the subway, with brick like effects of tiles. Subway tiles are normally rectangular in shape, installed in a straight horizontal line with the next line a little indented to the right.

Some people are not really keen on using this tile style for their kitchen because there seems to be limited choices when it comes to patterns. However, these tiles have a different type of appeal to most people. Basically, you will be seeing this type of backsplash design in many country styled homes.

Subway wall-style backsplashes are normally made with ceramic material and could either have a glass-like finish or not. The advantages of this type of backsplash are numerous. First and foremost, these tiles are cheaper than others, such as stainless steel or glass tiles. They also come in unique colors and are fairly easy to cut compared to its counterparts. On top of that, it is also very easy to match paint and furniture with these tiles.

However, it does have its drawbacks, too. For one, it does not have as much choices when it comes to patterns as compared to glass or metal tiles. Also, subway-like tiles are easily breakable compared to others, and tile backsplashes that do not have a glossy finish are a lot harder to clean up.