The A-Z of Fundraising Ideas For Sports Tours

Fun Fundraising Ideas – Some Recommendations

Need some fun fundraising ideas? There are lots of really cool things to do to raise funds. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Yard Sale

Coordinating a yard sale from donated items golf tournament fundraising ideas is a great low-cost way to raise funds. You might even add some baked goods from your own kitchen. The usual brownies, cookies, and cakes are always a big hit with hungry bargain shoppers.

Craft Boutique

For more artistic and low-cost fun fundraising ideas, consider coordinating an artistic venue like a craft boutique. Rent booth space to your local artists. Your artists might sell anything from jewelry, gourd art, paintings, handmade soaps, and other unique, one-of-kind creations. Do a little advertising to spread the word about the boutique. Don’t forget to remind your artists to do a little marketing too!

Picnic Games and Contests

Picnics are always a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon. Turn a picnic into fun fundraising ideas by adding boxed picnic lunches or BBQ for sale, collect entry fees for fun contests and games like egg tosses, sack races, or tug-of-war. Add a cool scavenger hunt for the explorers in your group. Before the picnic, collect donations from local businesses for game prizes.


Carnivals have got to be the pinnacle of fun fundraising ideas! There’s nothing more exciting and colorful than a community carnival. These events can range from fairly simple to extremely extravagant, depending on your resources. Funds from carnivals come from various sources, including renting space to vendors, selling tickets for mini-games like ring toss or ball pitching, and setting up a mini-golf course.

Dine and Dance

Finally, fun fundraising ideas would not be complete without an elegant and entertaining evening. Host a first-class dinner and dance, black tie all the way. Find volunteers to cook, or a reasonable caterer, and have some fun preparing a memorable menu. Hire the entertainment – DJ or band. Print up menus and the evening program for your guests. Your program should include the menu, the entertainer, and sponsor space. Collect fees from sponsors for advertising space. Let your guests know this is a good chance to dress in their finest ballroom attire and show off their best dance moves. Draw your raffle tickets throughout the night. And, don’t forget to plan your thank-you-for-coming speech!