The Best Way to Pick Handyman Services

What happens to your home when you are beyond busy with work, kids, family and life in general? I know my little things that need to get fixed list grows exponentially. It doesn’t matter that I say we are coming home after the soccer game Saturday to take care of the Handyman services house something always happens to ruin the plan. Whether it is a trip to the emergency room with a swollen ankle or an impromptu call from a frantic friend that needs us to watch her kids something always comes up. Every week I add something to the honey-do list without removing anything. The list is growing and I find myself needing to find a solution fast. I don’t want to start a second sheet for the growing list of home “improvement” projects or in our case maintenance.

My husband and I differ on this agreement. He thinks we are wasting money hiring someone who performs handyman services to come into our home. I remind him though that as we fail to find time small issues are turning into large issues right before our eyes. One case in point is the kitchen faucet. Yes it still works, the water runs but when you use the sprayer it only shuts off when it is ready not when you want it to. It needs to be replaced. The longer we let it wait the longer water gets shot all over the kitchen potentially ruining the floors or cupboards. Water damage is far more expensive to repair then the replacement of a kitchen faucet.

I don’t think our family is alone in the quest to find time to repair items. As a parent of school aged children who are also involved in sports I find weekdays filled with homework and practice. Weekends are full with homework projects and sports, some family time also if we are lucky. The last thing we are thinking about is anything but keeping the house clean let alone maintained.

I did some homework on handyman services in our area. I found a gentleman with a great reputation and many referrals who spoke highly of the job he has done for them. With my list in hand I met with him to go over rates. To my delight the more I had for him to do the less expensive the rate. The maintenance on our home would have taken my husband and I an entire weekend to complete. However, the handyman came out with the right tools and supplies needed for the list of maintenance jobs our home needed and completed the repairs with a full day’s work.

I believe many people can benefit from the services a handyman provides. Whether you are a senior citizen who just doesn’t keep up with things like they used to, a busy corporate executive who is not at home long enough to think about anything but enjoying it, or a busy parent your time can be better spent than on home improvements. I have come to believe that even though it probably cost a bit more in the long run it was cheaper to pay the handyman service guy to come out. Consider the time you would spend repairing and maintaining your home verse the cost to pay someone to come out and do it. Handyman services come out do the job without issue with the correct tools and are done. When is the last time a project went that easy for you?